Wild Cemetery is a Runaway Kids graveyard located in Taupo, New Zealand. The remains of Fire Eyed or Once-Fire Eyed people are buried here. It was once a lawn cemetery (covered in grass), but over time, after heavy blood flooding, the grass withered and died. Most of the burials are for Wild Dwellers, but those of other Dwellings can choose to be buried there when they die. This can be determined from a close friend, as part of a suicide note, or even by the deceased themselves if they have become ghosts. Christians are not allowed to be buried in Wild Cemetery, due to a superstition that whoever is buried there does not go to Heaven. Wild Cemetery is relatively safe to visit during the day, but gravediggers can be found at night to sap whatever blood is left in a dead body.

Wild Cemetery is a Wild area, meaning that it technically belongs to the Dwelling. A Wild Dweller that is visiting the cemetery is lawfully allowed to ask anyone of a different Dwelling to leave. This law is does not apply to direct family and friends of a person buried there, and is invalid on 31 October.

On the 31st of October, Wild Dwellers, and some others of mixed Dwelling, travel to Wild Cemetery to pay respect to the deceased. It is mandatory that visitors are either of the 6 most dangerous Dwellings, or are travelling with one. This law was put into place to keep uncapable fighters safe.

Known GravesEdit

  • Annejila Squirrel, Sun, suicide, 17 years old
  • Arvel (unknown Animal), Wild, bullet to the back of the head, 16 years old

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