Hai. After adding an image on Raponsal Lion-Cub, I have looked into the fact that some infobox images are from different years. Therefore, to maintain consistency, it is recommended that the infobox image for a character be from 2017 or as close to that time as possible. Exceptions are for founders, whose images are from 1999, and the deceased, whose images are from the closest time to their death. Ghosts' images are, obviously, of them in ghost form. Although it would be best to have images from Ocean, and better still, real-life photos, those will only be able to come in the future. Yeah, so keep the images 2017, and we should be sweet. It shouldn't be too hard, considering most people seem to go under little change when we can only see their faces. It's people like Raponsal, who cut their hair every year, that make it hard.

Seriously, her hair goes from knee-length to bald.

-Adam Bluebird

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