Hai. If you have come here from the Metric vs Imperial page, you'll already have a fair idea about what I'm talking about. I, as well as my New Zealand characters, am from NEW ZEALAND, where we speak British English. Now, that means that we spell "color" with a U, and so on. If you are unsure of the British spelling, please, please just look in an English dictionary. If you only have an American one, please look online. We do not want your American spelling here on this wiki. We speak English here. However, American spellings are allowed in quotes from Legend, as well as stories from Andre Locust. It is not that hard to add a U, nor is it hard to understand words that are a little different. You may be wondering why I can't just accept the American spelling, as it is just the same to understand. If you were American and were writing an American book, would you want the spelling to be American or British? American, of course. Consistency is also important, and I'm not going to pretend that the US is the centre of the world.

Sorry if this post was harsh.

-Holly Axolotl