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  • RunawayKids

    Infobox Images

    October 10, 2012 by RunawayKids

    Hai. After adding an image on Raponsal Lion-Cub, I have looked into the fact that some infobox images are from different years. Therefore, to maintain consistency, it is recommended that the infobox image for a character be from 2017 or as close to that time as possible. Exceptions are for founders, whose images are from 1999, and the deceased, whose images are from the closest time to their death. Ghosts' images are, obviously, of them in ghost form. Although it would be best to have images from Ocean, and better still, real-life photos, those will only be able to come in the future. Yeah, so keep the images 2017, and we should be sweet. It shouldn't be too hard, considering most people seem to go under little change when we can only see t…

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  • RunawayKids

    I've spent the last two hours on the first infobox template in Holly Axolotl, and I'm so frustrated now. I watched the 45 minute help video and it's still confusing - I know I'm not the only admin with this problem. So what I have decided is that all characters will now have the same infoboxes as Holly Axolotl. Unless they are a founder or something, they are sticking to the same format and aren't changing colours, headers, or box sizes, because I'm fed up.

    Good day.

    -Tristan Wolf

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  • RunawayKids

    American English

    June 10, 2012 by RunawayKids

    Hai. If you have come here from the Metric vs Imperial page, you'll already have a fair idea about what I'm talking about. I, as well as my New Zealand characters, am from NEW ZEALAND, where we speak British English. Now, that means that we spell "color" with a U, and so on. If you are unsure of the British spelling, please, please just look in an English dictionary. If you only have an American one, please look online. We do not want your American spelling here on this wiki. We speak English here. However, American spellings are allowed in quotes from Legend, as well as stories from Andre Locust. It is not that hard to add a U, nor is it hard to understand words that are a little different. You may be wondering why I can't just accept the A…

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  • RunawayKids

    Metric vs Imperial

    June 10, 2012 by RunawayKids

    Hai. I'd like to explain about our Wiki's measurement system. I am from New Zealand, and most of my characters use the metric system (I'm thinking of the founders specifically). When writing up infoboxes, please use metrics for height and weight, and then imperial in brackets. Although we often use feet and inches for height here, it is best to just use both. When writing up infoboxes for Water Dwellers, please use their highest and lowest weights instead of their current. Chances are, their lowest is their current. If they are still growing/dropping, leave it as is and update it as they age.

    If the Metric system is a problem to you or you don't use it much, please also see the blog post about American English.

    Thank you for your cooperation…

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  • RunawayKids

    Etymology's Rules

    January 27, 2012 by RunawayKids

    Lolhey. Tara Ravi-Fernandez here. I've just added a second lot of the 'Etymology' section. The first was on Misty's article, and the one I just did was on Holly's. It's cool to add Etymology to articles because it seems professional. If the question may ever pop up, for example if someone says I copy my names off of Harry Potter (I dunno, Drake = Draco?) or Victorious (I swear it's a coincidence that I have Rex, Jayde, and Andre. Rex was suggested as a LAST NAME by a friend; Jayde was used because I wanted a tough, rock-hard {get it?} name in one syllable; and Andre is just a cool name that also happens to be my uncle's name). Here's how I get the names for my characters:

    15% - My friends suggest a name, and I like it.

    10% - My friends sugge…

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