The Kiwi Pole is the name given to a two-metre tall pole found in Queensland, Australia. The New Zealand flag is flown from the top. It is the meeting area of Runaway Kids from New Zealand (New Zealanders are locally known as "Kiwis"). The Kiwi Pole is where news is presented each morning, such as the deaths of Runaway Kids back in New Zealand, as well as regular news, such as alertation of Dwelling Days.


When marking a death or anniversary of an important death, the Kiwi Pole is painted red, for "red-membrance". The colour was not, however, chosen for its similarity to blood. It was chosen solely because of its correlation to the word 'remembrance'.

In 2017, blood was found splattered across the Kiwi Pole. At first, it was assumed to be for red-membrance, but was explained. The Raiders had been discovered, but only one was pursued: Scoria. Scoria had murdered Cobalt Angelshark during the Hamilton Asylum raid the previous year, and the soldiers knew. Friends of Cobalt killed Scoria, and used his blood for red-membrance.