Surface is a Dwelling characterized by very light hair, impaired social skills, and tasteless blood. It is the most common Dwelling. Runaway Kids who are of Surface are the only people allowed to be captains. Also, possibly coincidence, Surface has the highest rate of speech disorder of any Dwelling.

Surface is known literally as The Float Dwelling.

RK Cobalt blonde and gelled

Cobalt Angelshark, Surface Dweller and Captain


Surface is the first Dwelling of the Group Aqua. The other Dwellings in this Group are Ice and Water, and they are all named after their favourite position in the water. Surface Dwellers prefer to travel across the top of the waves,

Shelley Seal

Shelley Seal, Surface Dweller and Captain

and if they can, float with the current.


The official symbol of Surface is the wave. This can either be presented in groups of small waves (see Shelley Seal's dwelling shot) or as one long, continous wave. The continuous wave is used in the Dwelling Poster.

Notable Surface DwellersEdit

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