Sun is a Dwelling characterized by a bubbly personality, the scent of "yellow", and warm skin. Sun Dwellers are
Sun Dweller

Legend's depiction of a Sun Dweller

known for their high occurence of homosexuality in males, which was first identified through Adam Bluebird, the Meadow Founder of Runaway Kids. Adam Bluebird is often used as a representative of Sun and LGBT. Sun Dwellers are often portrayed as living in the clouds (not to be confused with Mist Dwellers, who fly amongst clouds). Legend's depiction (pictured right) has a Sun Dweller sitting on a cloud, apparently speaking to the sun. His shirt is rainbow-coloured, representing LGBT.

Sun is known literally as The Light Dwelling.


Sun is the second Dwelling in the Group Meadow. The other Dwellings in this Group are Peace and Reserve. Generally, the Dwellings are named after the types of meadows that the Dwellers prefer to live in, but each are quite unique. The Sun Dwelling is named after the Dwellers' warm aura and desire for sunlight.


The official symbol for Sun is a simple drawing of the sun. It is usually magenta in colour, as the symbol could be misinterpreted as a child's drawing. It consists of a circle with lines around it to represent heat. The Sun symbol is used on the Dwelling Poster, on signs outside of meadows, and on LGBT material.

RK Adam Clean

Adam Bluebird, Sun Dweller and Founder

Gender RatioEdit

RK Annejilas Ghost

Annejila Squirrel's Ghost

The Sun Dwelling, similar to the Peace Dwelling, has more males than females. It actually has a higher male to female ratio than Peace. The male to female ratio for Sun is 70:30.

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