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Holly is the protagonist, and Mya, Tristan and Annabel are her friends; we all know that. But one of the remaining eight is our secret antagonist... Can you figure out who before the book ends?

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RK Cobies Dwelling Shot

"Hola muchachas y muchachos, me llamo Cobalt!"

- The first thing Holly hears Cobalt say

Cobalt Marinel "Cobie" Angelshark (pronounced KOH-bolt; 7 January 2000 - 27 October 2016 in Hamilton Asylum) was a Surface Dweller and captain of the Unicornio Arco Iris (also known as the North Island's Medic Ship). His place of birth is unknown, as is his cultural identity. However, he did speak Spanish, raising the question whether he was Latin American. He may have been partially, but not a large enough amount to be considered one. Cobalt had two adoptive parents, Holly Axolotl and Tristan Wolf. He suffered from Schizophrenia, a serious mental disorder that impaired his social ability. He lived with a strong combination of visual and auditory hallucinations, such as the false belief that his ship is his best friend. He was killed in the Hamilton Asylum Raid of 2016, which was carried out by the infamous Raiders. He did not become a ghost because his soul was admitted to Heaven.

He was admitted to an asylum at the age of 12, because of his bizarre hallucinations. When World War III reached New Zealand, Cobalt, one of the few Fire Eyed inmates, escaped. He found Hamilton Headquarters and, upon his testing, was asked to become a captain. He agreed, saying “as long as I get to name my own ship”.

When Holly met Cobalt, he was on a transportation mission between HQ and Clearwater Mountain to bring Rex Hummingbird, a medic, back to HQ.

Cobalt was a captain. He enjoyed his position, even stating once that his ship was his best friend. When he was introduced to Runaway Kids, they were impressed by his skills on the water and asked him to captain for them. He agreed, but only if he was allowed to name his own ship. The society decided that this was fair, and the Unicornio Arco Iris was born ('Unicornio Arco Iris' is Spanish for Rainbow Unicorn).

Cobalt was murdered in the Hamilton Asylum Raid of 2016. The raiders were 18 young men, dressed in black but with eyemasks varying in colour. Each colour represented a Dwelling. The Raiders are also known for their attack on Water Dwellers in 2013. The person who ended Cobalt's life was the Ice Dweller representative Scoria. In 2017, Scoria was found in Australia along with the other raiders, and was killed by Runaway Kids. It is suspected that he was bled to death, as his blood was found on the The Kiwi Pole the following morning.


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