Rock is a Dwelling characterized by brown hair, "invisible" veins and small feet. Rock Dwellers are born with Antihemoglobin disease,[1] which leaves their blood with an absence of colour. Rock is considered the most plain Dwelling in terms of personality. However, a fraction of the Rock population have the peace-making abilities of a Peace Dweller. Rock Dwellers, ironic to their name, do not Dwell in rock at all. They naturally live in a complex forest, in which they can escape from danger easily.

Rock is known literally as The Flight Dwelling.


Mya In RK no background darker blush

Mya Dove

Rock is the second Dwelling in the Group Forest. The other Dwellings in this Group are Wild and Mist, and they are all named after the Dwellings' preferred type of forest to hunt (or hide) in. Rock Dwellers prefer a multi-level forest, in which they can gather undisturbed.


The official symbol of Rock is a bodiless bird. Essentially, it has only a beak, wings, and feet. The 'R' in 'Rock' is written with a loop around it.

Dwelling DisorderEdit

Rock Dwellers are almost exclusively vegetarians. They do not eat meat, nor do they drink blood. Unfortunately for them, their natural asset, their clear blood, is sought after and they cannot escape the DNA Trade.

Notable Rock DwellersEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Antihemoglobin disease is purely fictional. It would not exist in reality.
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