Restoration is a Fight Style. A person with Restoration fights so that the world around them may be returned, or restored, to the way it was before. A Restoration person dreams of their past, and often thinks about how it could have been changed so that their lives would be better in the present.

Legend DefinitionEdit

"RESTORATION: A tragedy of a story explained through anything but speech. One who fights, (ever so painfully, each time they hurt someone) just so that when they are done everything will return to the way it was before. Innocence never left, whatever the others may say. They are not broken; they just need a nail to be re-hammered." -André Locust[1]

Notable Restoration FightersEdit

Misty Fairy Penguin (Deceased)

Holly Axolotl

Annejila Squirrel (Deceased)

Cobalt Angelshark (Deceased)

See AlsoEdit


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Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. The War, and its End by André Locust