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Peace is a Dwelling characterized by below-average height, pink cheeks, and a "pink" scent. During the rise of blood-drinking, Peace was the most-hunted Dwelling, and, due to the trustworthy and innocent nature of the Dwellers, they were easy to catch. Peace Blood tastes similar to liquid sugar, making it highly desirable to drink. Sugar was scarce in those times, and most Forest and Reserve Dwellers were forced to either become vegetarians or modern vampires.

Peace is known literally as The Verbal Dwelling.


Annabel Rose In Runaway Kids jpg

Annabel Kitten, Peace Dweller

Peace is the first Dwelling in the Group Meadow. The other Dwellings in this Group are Sun and Reserve. Generally, the Dwellings are named after the types of meadows that the Dwellers prefer to live in, but each are quite unique. The Peace Dwelling is named after the natural, harmonious nature of the children in the Dwelling, but can also be thought of as the Dwellers' peaceful lives.

Dwelling DisorderEdit

Peace Dwellers do not have a life-altering eating disorder associated with their Dwelling. If anything, their Heredity ED helps them survive. The Peace ED is that they are able to eat grass and flowers, alongside "regular food".

Gender RatioEdit

Contrary to popular belief, there are more males than females in the Peace Dwelling. The gender ratio is 60:40, more to the males side.

Notable Peace DwellersEdit

Annabel Kitten (2004 - 2017)

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