This article is about the order written in Legend. For orders created by other people, see Order of Dwellings (disambiguation).

The Order of Dwellings, also known as the Legend Order, is the official order that the eighteen Dwellings are written in. This is the order that Legend wrote them in, and therefore it is standard. The Dwellings are firstly organized by Group, and then are placed in order of rarity (most common to least common).

"The first and last Dwelling roughly correspond, because besides High, Surface is considered the top [of the world], and Earth is the bottom [of the world]." -Adam Bluebird


  1. Surface
  2. Ice
  3. Water
  4. Wild
  5. Rock
  6. Mist
  7. Peace
  8. Sun
  9. Reserve
  10. Jungle
  11. Savannah
  12. Bush
  13. Shallow
  14. Shore
  15. Desert
  16. Low
  17. High
  18. Earth


This order is used in Legend's chapter about the Dwellings, the Dwelling Poster, and for any official Dwelling lists.

Dwelling MeaningsEdit

Surface: The Float Dwelling
Ice: The Fire Dwelling
Water: The Dive Dwelling
Wild: The Shadow Dwelling
Rock: The Flight Dwelling
Mist: The Tree Dwelling
Peace: The Verbal Dwelling
Sun: The Light Dwelling
Reserve: The Flower Dwelling
Jungle: The Night Dwelling
Savannah: The Eye Dwelling
Bush: The Thought Dwelling
Shallow: The Mirror Dwelling
Shore: The Aural Dwelling
Desert: The Burn Dwelling
Low: The Fight Dwelling
High: The Snow Dwelling
Earth: The Dig Dwelling

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