The North Island Blood Market is a registered Blood Market located in Birkenhead, Auckland, New Zealand. It was created with the intention of it being a place to trade hard-to-find items. As the Runaway Kids Founders died and were not able to enforce the law, this market escalated into an illegal trades area. A dungeon, owned by two kidnappers named Kendrick and Bozek, would locate Runaway Kids of non-dangerous Dwellings and sap them for their blood.
Corbin Rescues

The blood painting on the wall

Once, in 2015, they encountered a Water Dweller named Holly Axolotl and harvested her tears. She was rescued by Corbin Mayfly, a Mist Dweller merchant whom had performed many rescues prior to her visit. In the dungeon that she and others were kept in, there were blood paintings on the wall. The most famous of the paintings is the "Corbin's rescues" painting. It is written in Ice, Mist, Sun, Peace, Rock, Water and what appears to be High blood. It was started with Ice blood, which is dark blue. It can be assumed that the person who created it made it at the time of their rescue.

In the core of the market, there is a hollowed, earthen room which is inhabited by many ghosts. It is known colloquially as Ghost's Cove, and is visited by humans and ghosts alike. As so many ghosts live there, it is a popular place to stay at overnight, without fear of being sapped while unconscious. Befriending the ghosts is wise, as they look after their friends during the night.

The market, including the dungeon but excluding Ghost's Cove, was shut down in 2018 after the law of Runaway Kids was revised to outlaw Blood Markets.


Blood Markets were made for the use of Forest and Reserve Dwellers. Contrary to popular belief, Blood Markets were actually legal until August 2018 - Calvin Ring-Tailed Lemur had designed them as places to trade DNA that could not be found at Headquarters. Unfortunately, as the founders passed, the law bent and traders began acquiring substances illegally. He did account for the fact that most of the traders would be of dangerous Dwellings, and made it illegal to sap particular Dwellings within the Market, or act as if their bodies were up for trade. According to the law, it was morally wrong to "harvest the blood of a Runaway Kid who is of Peace, Sun, Surface, Shallow-Shore or Water, as they cannot protect themselves."

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