Merchant of the North Island Blood Market is a label given to a trader who is a regular at the North Island Blood Market. Although some only trade blood to get valuable items and visa versa, the majority of traders are experienced in the DNA Trade and know the value of items. Thus, a skilled trader can access everything that they want in a market with a minimum of effort. Here is a list of all of the traders that have been identified.

Merchant 1 (Corbin Mayfly)Edit

Corbin Mayfly is a Mist Dweller who sells only his own blood. He was born the 24th of September, 1999. Mayfly was brought to the market when, starving, he had no other way of finding food. As a vegan, it was difficult for him to acquire food that was suitable for him, and he knew that Mist blood was valuable, so he found an empty stall and began trading. Mayfly's stall was located under a damp light, which was lucky, but led him to think that all light was pink rather than white,

Merchant 2 Edit

Merchant 2 is a Low Dweller who sells High Blood, toothbrushes and toothpaste. He was born in 2001.

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