Meadow is a Dwelling Group consisting of Peace, Sun, and Reserve Dwellers. The Peace Dwelling is named after the natural, harmonious nature of the children in the Dwelling. The Sun Dwelling is named after the Dwellers' warm aura and desire for sunlight. The Reserve Dwelling is ironically named; the common Reserve Dweller aims to kill others and does not care for conservation, as the name could suggest.


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Peace is a Dwelling characterized by below-average height, pink cheeks, and a "pink" scent.


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Sun is a Dwelling characterized by a bubbly personality, the scent of "yellow", and warm skin.

Groups and Dwellings
Aqua: - Surface - Ice - Water

Forest: - Wild - Rock - Mist
Meadow: - Peace - Sun - Reserve
Grass: - Jungle - Savannah - Bush
Sand: - Shallow-Shore - Desert
Mountain: - Low - High - Earth