Ice is a Dwelling characterized by pale skin, blue veins, and, in squid/octopai, excellent grip. Ice is an ironically named Dwelling. Although it may be assumed that they dwell in ice, it is actually the opposite. Ice is known formally as The Fire Dwelling, because the Dwellers are immune to high temperatures. In fact, they themselves are like blocks of ice - they have cold skin and cry steaming tears to cool their bodies down. Ice tears are valuable, due to their ice-melting property.

Ice is known literally as The Fire Dwelling.


Ice is the second Dwelling in the Group Aqua. The other Dwellings in this Group are Surface and Water, and they are all named after their favourite position in the water. Ice Dwellers prefer to swim in the water, but keep their heads over the surface so they can breathe.


The official symbol of Ice is an icicle. The 'I' in 'Ice' is usually made into an icicle, such as on the Dwelling Poster.

Groups and Dwellings
Aqua: - Surface - Ice - Water

Forest: - Wild - Rock - Mist
Meadow: - Peace - Sun - Reserve
Grass: - Jungle - Savannah - Bush
Sand: - Shallow-Shore - Desert
Mountain: - Low - High - Earth

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