Freedom is a Fight Style. A person with Freedom fights so that they can physically be liberated, or believe mentally that they are free from others or themselves. A Freedom fighter may be a Blood Fighter who converted.

Legend DefinitionEdit

"FREEDOM: Broken too many times and unable to be fixed, this type of person has seen and done so many horrible things that they do not care. They may show concern, but deeply, problems of another, especially a Love fighter, do not throw them. They fight, (quite physically to every being, including themselves) because they want to know what it is like to violate conformity. They know -of course they know-that they are only destined to hate. They know. But they do not want to be killers of the innocent if they are Freedom fighters. In addition, they are usually are Blood fighters turned around." - André Locust[1]

Notable Freedom FightersEdit

Tristan Wolf

André Locust

Jayde Mouse

See AlsoEdit


Blood (Fight Style)


Peace (Fight Style)

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. The War, and its End by André Locust

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