Forest is a Dwelling Group consisting of Wild, Rock, and Mist Dwellers. All Dwellings are named after the Dwellings' favourite types of forest to hunt/hide in. Wild are hunters in a dangerous forest; Rock are gatherers in a complex, multi-level forest, and Mist are hiders in a forest that can camouflage them quickly. However, a recent study has proved that they are all, in fact, the same Dwelling. [1]

Wild Edit

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Wild is a Dwelling characterized by sharp teeth/triangular claws, above average height, hair at least touching the neck, and battle/self-made scars on the upper body.


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Rock is a Dwelling characterized by brown hair, "invisible" veins and small feet. Rock Dwellers are born with Antihemoglobin disease, which leaves their blood with an absence of colour. Rock is considered the most plain Dwelling in terms of personality. However, a fraction of the Rock population have the peace-making abilities of a Peace Dweller.


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Mist is a Dwelling characterized by light blue/light yellow/white eyes, long hair, and a thin build. Mist is a mainly reserved Dwelling, meaning that they do not usually enjoy human relationships and prefer to keep to themselves.

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