"Tristan and Corbin, sitting in a tree, planning a huge odyssey. First comes the fall, then comes the rise, then comes religion's great demise."

-A chant that children at the World Headquarters created about the FRM

The Fanged Rights Movement, also known as the FRM or André's Heroes, is an organization 

FR Poster 1- maroon haired mist boy

The first recorded FRM Poster

set up to raise awareness of fanged discrimination (the practise of discriminating against a Runaway Kid with fangs; believing that they are "evil", "low", or "bloodsucking"). It was originally set up by André Locust, whom, with the help of Calvin Ring-Tailed Lemur, created and distributed posters about fanged discrimination. Unfortunately for the group, both died before Runaway Kids with fangs reached justice. Tristan Wolf, a Wild Dweller, discovered their work while serving in the United States for the military. He vowed to finish what André and Calvin had started.


Former MembersEdit


  • Mist Dweller, Male, FRM Poster
  • Mist Dweller, Female, FRM Poster
  • Angst Boy FRM Poster
  • Blonde and Blue Young Girl FRM Poster
  • Desert Boy's first appearance on a FRM poster
  • Desert Boy on Wild FRM Poster
  • Vampire Doll "murderer?" FRM poster
  • Vampire Doll on Fang Polishing FRM Poster
  • Vampire Doll's dollie FRM Poster
  • "Good morning" FRM Poster


There are six poster personalities in total, each representing a different Dwelling/mindset (Mist Male and Mist Madam are the only two of the same Dwelling). Angst Boy is technically not a poster personality, as he only had one poster.

Desert BoyEdit

Desert Boy is the most famous personality. He represents the point of view of other Dwellings aside from Desert, in the sense that he is just representing someone who is not of a dangerous Dwelling, but was born with fangs. He could have been created in any Dwelling, as it is just his mindset that is important.

Mist Male and Mist MadamEdit

Two Mist Dwellers with fairly equal mindsets, but different points. They are often shown together, displaying two ideas to a single point. The main thought that the Mist Dwellers represent are that it would be too hard for a Mist Dweller to be evil even if they wanted to, due to their natural lack of sleep.

Vampire DollEdit

Vampire Doll is a young, blonde-haired and blue-eyed girl - who was born with fangs. Her Dwelling is never mentioned, but she is assumed to be either Wild or Rock. She represents the public's distorted image, alongside Public Guy. As he shows society's stereotypes, she shows the stupidity in this.

Fanged Rights Movement

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