The Dwelling Poster is a poster displaying all eighteen Dwellings' names, symbols, fonts and colours. It is used to glorify every Dwelling, and as a quick reference. Each Group has its own line, and the Dwellings are all in the Legend Order. Every title has an exclamation mark after it, as if the Dwellings are competing.

Dwelling Poster black background

The Dwelling Poster

Full AnalysisEdit



'Surface' is written in medium blue. It has a fairly regular font and shows no symbol. It is not remarkable in any way.


'Ice' is written in royal blue. It has a triangular block font and shows no clear symbol. However, the Ice symbol is the icicle, which is used for the 'I' and '!' marks respectively.


'Water' is written in light blue. It has a formal font and shows the teardrop symbol.



'Wild' is written in red. It has a straight, serif font and shows the fang symbol. This title developed controversy during the Fanged Rights Movement, as it focussed on the blood trading aspect of the Wild Dwelling instead of the survival aspect. In 2020, the Wild symbol was changed to a bare tree, but this change was mostly ignored.


'Rock' is written in dark green. Like Surface, it has a fairly regular font, but the 'R' has a loop around its centre. It shows the bird frame symbol, which is a beak, wing and two legs in the absence of a body.


'Mist' is written in olive green. It has a semi-cursive font, and the exclamation mark is a ribbon loop. It has the flying bug symbol, which is a solid circle with wings. The 'i' in 'Mist' is also made into the flying bug symbol, but with less prominent wings.

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