Decrimsonation is the process of a person's cheeks fading from their natural colour and becoming a soft blue colour. It is a natural phenomenon only found in eighteen-year-old Water Dwellers who have lost their powers. It is a Runaway Kids secret, as there are records of its occurence but it was not mentioned in Legend. Although this word strictly means the softening of the cheeks, it can also be used to describe the entire process of a Water Dweller reaching the 4th Stage. The 4th stage consists of: true decrimsonation, hair bleaching, and the return to regular eating habits.
Holly decrimsonated

Decrimsonation after one day

The soft blue colour eventually fades from the cheeks, and they return to the original colour. This generally takes two to three days. A person who undergoes decrimsonation will, naturally, have bleached (light blonde or white) hair for their entire lives. However, if they dye their hair black, their hair will then continue growing black.


The word decrimsonation was created by Andre Locust to describe a girl in a shared dream that the founders' had. This girl was actually Holly Axolotl, but obviously they did not know about her existence.

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