The DNA Trade is the transfer of ownership of DNA (including but not limited to blood and tears) from one person or group to another, while getting something in return (usually different DNA or other valuable/rare things). In the Runaway Kids Universe, the DNA Trade represents both the drug trade and human trafficking. Blood is bought and sold at Blood Markets, where kidnappers and ghosts live. A young or small person travelling through a Blood Market is likely to be taken and farmed for their blood. However, larger people are valued more, as their bodies produce more blood.

The addiction to blood is very similar to the addiction to illegal drugs. High Blood is even referred to as a "Nicotine Patch", because it does not taste very different from regular blood.

Trade DNAEdit

Trade DNA is the category of DNA that is useful in some way. If not to get "high" from, it may be practical, such as for healing wounds.

  • Peace Blood - tastes like sugar
  • Sun Blood - tastes very strong of something undefined
  • Cat Hair - if placed on a sleeping person's head, they will sleep for double the time they would usually
  • Water Tears - freeze upon impact, cure burns
  • High Blood - helps someone "quit" their blood dependency by not giving a "high"
  • Rock Blood - for making invisible trails that can only be sensed by Forest Dwellers
  • Ice Tears - melt ice

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