Clearwater Mountain is a grassy mountain located in North Shore, New Zealand. It contains a river, forest, dock, village and rose garden, alongside many meadows. Clearwater is a popular area to visit in the winter, as it gets hardly any rainfall and seems to always be in bloom. The majority of visitors are of Meadow, which may be partly because of the three Dwelling Areas it has. Peace, Sun and Reserve Meadows are located on the bottom-left side of the mountain.

Although Clearwater Mountain is a fictional place, it is located on Motutapu Island, which is real.[1] Motutapu Island is next to Rangitoto Island, but is not as well-known. Traditionally, ferries do not travel from Devonport to Motutapu, but in the Runaway Kids Universe, they do. It is possible that Clearwater Mountain is in Cable Bay, because of its hills.[2]


The Rose GardenEdit

Annejila Squirrel (now deceased)


Raponsal Lion-Cub


Dehlyla TaigaShrew

Lowlah HoneyBee

Clearwater ForestEdit

Collin Scorpion

Drake Bat

The Three MeadowsEdit


Short-term underground basesEdit

Holly Axolotl

Tristan Wolf

Mya Dove

Annabel Kitten

Corbin Mayfly

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