A Captain is a person who owns and runs a ship. In Runaway Kids, a Captain transports children and/or teenagers from port-to-port. Captains of Runaway Kids ships are only known to be of Surface. Blood Ships are unregistered, and are not part of the Runaway Kids society. Blood Ships are ships that transport criminals, blood-drinkers and illegal substances from port-to-port, as well as Blood Markets.

Known CaptainsEdit

  • Danni Dolphin and Toni "Tiger" Tiger
    Shelley Seal

    Shelley Seal, Surface Dweller and Captain

    (2003 -), twin captains, served for Runaway Kids for seven years during
    RK Cobalt blonde and gelled

    Cobalt Angelshark, Surface Dweller and Captain

    World War III.
  • RK Toni Tiger

    Toni Tiger, Surface Dweller and Captain

    Cobalt Angelshark (2000 - 2016), captain of the Unicornio Arco Iris [Spanish for 'Rainbow Unicorn'], transported Runaway Kids medics to patients for two years.
  • Shelley Seal (1999 -), Auxiliary and former captain, served on the NZ Sea Voyage for Runaway Kids travelling to meadow homes.
  • Ezekiel Goshawk (1998 -), a Wild Dweller, ran an unregistered Blood Ship when he lived in New Zealand, but, after becoming an Auxiliary, placed it in new hands and moved to Australia to fight in the war.

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