Canon is a word used to define a fixed collection of text. In the Runaway Kids Wiki, canon refers to the following:

  • The three books by Holly Axolotl:
    • Runaway Kids: River
    • Runaway Kids: Lake
    • Runaway Kids: Ocean
  • The contents of Legend:
    • The Gift of Blazing Wood
    • Dwellings, and their Supernatural Powers
    • Headquarters, and World-wide Distribution
    • Environments, in Which to Thrive
    • Blood, and its Uses
    • Abilities, and the Dwellings Which Own Them
    • Occupations, and Native Dwellers
    • Abilities Mastery, and its Stages
    • Calendar
    • Law, 1998 Edition
  • All stories that are aside from the main (known as "sub-lit") that portray events not mentioned in the books, or are written from different perspectives. These especially include stories by Holly Axolotl and Andre Locust.
  • Before-The-Wars and After-The-Wars, stories similar to sub-lit that portray events such as the childhood of older characters and adulthood of younger characters. In other words, they speak of the time before December 2012 or the time after March 2021.