Canis falconeri is a species of wolf, and is the closest relative of Canis Armbrusteri. What seperates the Canis Falconeri from the average wolf is that its skull is narrower than the Gray and Dire Wolves. The Canis Falconeri is a bone-crushing wolf, but very little else is known about it. It became extinct many millions of years ago, so research on it is difficult.

In Runaway Kids, Canis Falconeri is a unique species of Wolf given to one (or two, as time progresses) Wild Dweller. As this animal became extinct before the origin of Fire Eyes, a Runaway Kid who is a Canis Falconeri has a lower life expectancy and higher risk of developing blood dependency.

Claim to FameEdit

The only Canis Falconeri known to Runaway Kids is one named Tristan, who served in World War III and was a representative for Fanged Rights.