Boulder is the 11th most populous city in Colorado. It is where the Founders lived when they were writing Legend. In the 2000 census, the population of Boulder was found to be 94,673.


A small newspaper company in Boulder named The Rolling Boulder printed monthly until a young teenager joined its staff. André Locust was 13 years old when he applied for a position at the company and received it. The editor discovered that he had no home, but was an incredibly sophisticated writer. André could write impartially and for long periods of time, thus turning the newspaper into a weekly print.


Every year on the 20th of April, thousands of people gather on the CU Boulder campus to smoke marijuana at 4:20 pm. Calvin Ring-Tailed Lemur is a known dealer of the drug.

People born in BoulderEdit

André Locust, Mist Dweller

Adam Bluebird, Sun Dweller

Born elsewhere, raised in BoulderEdit

Jayde Mouse, Low Dweller

Misty Fairy Penguin, Water Dweller

Calvin Ring-Tailed Lemur, Jungle Dweller

Haylee Seahorse, Shallow Dweller

Nearby PlacesEdit

Denver, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado

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