Bloodlust is a mental disorder,[1] characterized by a constant craving for the blood of a Runaway Kid. It is used to represent drug addiction in the Runaway Kids universe. Bloodlust is most commonly found in Wild Dwellers, but can be found in any person that has been introduced to human blood. The drinking of blood from animals is natural in the Wild Dwelling, and is not considered Bloodlust.


  • Nocturnality - sleeping in the daytime and being awake at night
  • Bloodstains on clothing or other possessions
  • Sharpened fingernails[2]
  • Disappearing for one or two days at a time[3]
  • Self-mutilation - cutting the body to drink own blood
  • Owning an unusual amount of flasks or containers

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Established during the Fanged Rights Movement in 2019
  2. Triangular fingernails are found on Canidae, which is natural and therefore does not count as a symptom of Bloodlust
  3. New Zealand, Chapter 12: The Blood Market
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