Adrian Budgerigar
New Adrian Budgie


8 May, 2002
London, England




London, England (2002 - 2013)
Danni and Tiger's Ship (2013)
North Island Headquarters, Hamilton, New Zealand (2013 - 2016)
Wild Cemetery (2016)
Hamilton, New Zealand (2016 -)




Highly Intelligent

Also known as

Adrian Budgie

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Hair Colour


Eye Colour



160 cm (5'3")


52 kg (114.5 lbs)

Personal Information

Relationship Status

In a relationship with Mya Dove


Mya Dove, Holly Axolotl, Tristan Wolf, Annabel Kitten, Katy Donkey, Cobalt Angelshark, Corbin Mayfly, Annejila Squirrel and Annejila Squirrel's Ghost


Drake Bat, Micaela Deer, Jason Earthworm


Nora Crayfish (sister) †



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Victory by


Fight Style


Stage(s) Reached

Standard Stage Two



Techie (2013 - 2020)
Auxiliary (Presumed, 2019 -)

Founder Loyalty

Adam Bluebird

Blood/DNA Ownership


"From then I vowed: I will always treat girls the right way. I always remind Mya that she's beautiful because I don't think any girl deserves to kill themselves with beauty."

-Adrian talks about how the death of his sister changed his life

Adrian Budgerigar (b. 8 May 2003 in London, England) is a Bush Dweller and techie for the North Island Headquarters. His cultural identity is British, but his ethnicity was British/Korean. Adrian has a mother, father, step-mother and older sister. All three of his parents' whereabouts are unknown. His sister, Shore Dweller Nora Crayfish, died from an eating disorder at age fifteen.


First PositionEdit

Adrian's first position is of him at his usual post, at the North Island Headquarters. It is after Holly, Mya, Annabel and Tristan met. It is then that he meets Holly. At that time, Mya was his girlfriend; Annabel was close to him like a little sister; and Tristan was an acquaintance, possibly made through testing. Adrian redirects Holly to Micaela Deer to have her tested. Afterwards, he introduces her to Katy D, the North Island Route Specialist.


Holly AxolotlEdit

When Adrian is introduced, he is meeting Holly. After less than an hour, Holly leaves, and they do not make contact until November, when he is invited to Mya's Christmas Party. Holly was given invitations and sent to the North Island Headquarters to hand them out. Afterwards, when Adrian actually attends the Christmas Party, he and Holly trade stories of their older sisters. Holly describes Mary, saying that she was very studious, but secretive. This startles Adrian, as his sister was the same. Upon asking, Holly finds out that Adrian's sister was a Runaway Kid, but died two years before from an eating disorder. With this, she begins to understand the Shallow-Shore Dwelling, as well as Adrian himself. Adrian tells her that although he loves Mya dearly, she does not know how he feels about his sister.

Months later, when Holly knows about the death of Mya's little brother, she speaks to Adrian about what he said at the Christmas Party. "Well, when Mya's brother died she got PTSD. When my sister died, I knew that it wasn't some other force that killed her. I knew it was her disease. She thought she was so ugly, but she wasn't. She definitely wasn't. From then I vowed: I will always treat girls the right way. I always remind Mya that she's beautiful because I don't think that any girl deserves to kill themselves with beauty."

Mya DoveEdit

Adrian is Mya's boyfriend. He loves her dearly, and never fails to tell her that she is beautiful each time they meet. In the beginning, when Adrian meets Holly, Holly cannot understand how they ended up together. After all, he is of Bush, the "nerd" Dwelling, while Mya is "out of his league".