31 October is the 304th day of the year (305 for leaps). Prior to WWIII, a holiday called Halloween (short for 'Hallows' Eve') was observed.


Wild Cemetery was founded in 2013, with intentions of providing Satanic burials for those who preferred a graveyard in which there would be no Christians. Consequently, no Christians are permitted in the cemetery. Every year, Wild Dwellers and dedicated Satanists would make a pilgrimage to Wild Cemetery to pay their respects to all deaths that they were involved in (i.e. visit the graves of old friends, allies, and/or victims).


  • 16th Century - 2012: Hallows' Eve, the day before All Saints' Day

It was a day that primarily consisted of frightening others and enjoying candy. Traditionally, children would roam the streets in groups, unsupervised, wearing costumes that ranged from superheroes to witches. They would knock on strangers' doors, and ask for candy, with the phrase, "Trick or treat." The phrase implied that those who did not give candy would be tricked.

  • 2013 - 2020: Runaway Kids Halloween

Runaway Kids Halloween was a holiday observed by the society Runaway Kids. Traditionally, children would dress as people of other Dwellings (one that they did not usually associate with, e.g. a Shore Dweller could dress as an Ice Dweller if they were not close friends with one, as the Dwellings have little in common).

  • 2021 - present: No observations have been recorded for October 31st since Halloween's abolition in 2021.