10 October is the 283rd day of the year (284th for leaps). It is recorded by Holly once, in 2015. The recording was as Jayde Mouse Day and Annejila Squirrel's Death.


  • Low Day (North)

The annual holiday for Low Dwellers in the Northern Hemisphere, Low Day, is celebrated. Low Dwellers living in the north are able to rest from work and spend their day in whatever legal way they wish.[1]

  • Jayde Mouse Day

As well as it being Low Day, it is also the date of birth of Jayde Mouse, a Runaway Kids Founder. Runaway Kids who have chosen Jayde Mouse for their Founder Loyalty celebrate this day, regardless over their position in the world.

  • Annejila Squirrel Day

Although Annejila Squirrel was not a Founder, October 10th is a memorial day for her as well. Annejila Squirrel Day is a day of remembrance over her short life, as she commited suicide on this day in 2015, to avoid the loss of her powers. She was 17 years and 364 days old.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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10 October is statistically the most eventful day of the year.